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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Dining Tables

Is your table top made of solid oak? 
Our table tops are made of engineered solid oak. This means a solid oak top layer (0.5 -1.5mm) together in conjunction with a multilayer MDF supawood base. The edge is made of a 50mm solid oak to give the table that 50mm thick luxurious look. 

Why we use engineered oak for our tops
    • The price is 400% cheaper than a solid oak top. 
    • It is better resistant to the South African climate with no risk of cupping, bowing, cracking of the top. 
    • You can sand the top to apply a new wood finish.
    • Easy in maintenance. 

Is an engineered oak table top of less quality than a solid oak table top?
In short, no. Our table tops are made of a solid timber top (0.5 - 1.5mm oak) in conjunction with a multi layer MDF supawood base. Thanks to our clever construction, our engineered wood tops do not expand and contract to the same extent as solid wood tops. But our engineered top’s really special feature is the fact that it’s topped off with solid oak, making the end result look just like solid wood but for a much better price! 

Is ‘veneer’ the same as ‘engineered’?
Yes. A ‘veneer’ top means a top layer of solid wood. Our engineered table tops have a top layer of solid wood too. 

What about the solid 50mm oak edge?
Every table will have a solid 50mm oak strip. This will give the table a beautiful ‘thick’ luxurious look but at the same time we can keep the price of the table to a minimum of the cost of a table with a solid top throughout.

Can I sand my top? 
Yes you can. The solid top layer can be treated as any other solid top so you can use sandpaper to sand the top if you would like to apply a new wood finish. 

What do I have to do in terms of maintenance?
Dust with a soft dry cloth. Wipe spills immediately. Avoid harsh cleaning products and abrasives. Always keep out of direct sunlight and heat.

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