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Buttoned sofa

The buttoned sofa or Chesterfield sofa - one of the oldest and most desireable sofa styles - is still very popular. As "the king of sofas", the Chesterfield brings a huge amount of style and comfort to any home or business. Available as a sofa, sectional, armchair, or chaise, there are quite a few things to consider when picking the perfect one.


Because of the impact a Chesterfield makes, the interior around needs to be balanced. Otherwise their massive forms and attention-grabbing look can steal all the attention from the room surrounding them. To balance out a Chesterfield, consider bring in some clean-lined modern elements and/or rustic forms.


One of the best positions for a Chesterfield is floating in the middle of a room. The distinctive rolled back rest looks great from behind (unlike the backs of many sofas) and the low profile prevents the sofa from becoming a visual barrier in the room. Your Chesterfield won't block the view across the room, but will still create its own space.


Chesterfield sofas have historically been upholstered in dark velvets - like ruby red, deep blue, and emerald green, or mushroom brown. These colours, together with velvet's luxurious feel, settle perfectly into a classic interior. For leather Chesterfields, dark neutrals or red or green create a classic look that ages beautifully. Placing a Chesterfield in a more modern environment then brighter colours can fit better, like orange, light blue, or bright red, or lighter neutrals like mid-tone grey or white. These lighter colours prevent the visual mass of the Chesterfield from overwhelming the room.


This beautifully crafted 2 seater Chesterfield couch looks great upholstered in a grey shade of fabric. Is does not only look beautiful, but is also extremely comfortable. Besides fabric there are leather options available as well for this sofa. All made of good quality and it comes with a 3 year guarantee on the foam as well as the frame.

This 2 seater Chesterfield couch is 1900 x 1050 x 800 MMs and costs R16,999.


Fort Wood Furniture & Manufacturing has three dedicated teams of artisans split between the disciplines of upholstery, steel and carpentry. They design and create beautiful sofas and chairs to suit all home styles and they combine traditional techniques and skills with automated manufacturing technology to ensure consistently high quality in every piece of furniture they make.

Because of all the options for sofas we have multiple Carpenter who can make your custom made sofa. Whether you like a Chesterfield sofa or a modern sofa, you can send us the picture and description of your perfect sofa and we will connect you with the best carpenter.