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Console Side Table

This Console Side table is made with an European Oak top with Jaxoleum seal and has steel legs that are incorporated in the wooden top.It’s made by one of our great furniture makers: Mike Made This.  Industrial furniture where steel and wood is combined is very trendy at the moment. Mike is a specialist in combining these two materials.

Mike Made This (MMT) is a multi-disciplinary manufacturing company, specialising in wrought iron, steel/metal, wood and glass, MMT uses only the best materials. Customised solutions are delivered as top-notch craftsmanship with absolute professionalism.


The customer is really happy with the finished product: "Thanks a lot, Mike, for our beautiful console table. It looks exactly like what we had in mind and are very happy with it. Will definitely work with Mike again on future projects. Thanks, Martine & Jorrit"


If you like to order the Console Side Table you can CLICK HERE.