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Cot turns into Single Bed (Ready to Order)

A well-rested baby is a well-rested parent, and it all starts with a good quality cot! Imagine if you could buy just one piece of furniture that last from baby until their teenage years. Children's furniture makers have been listening and developed a number of clever convertible products that will do just that.


So when it comes to cots, it pays to invest in items that have longevity; cots that convert to toddler beds can not only save you money in the long run, but also provide a sense of comfort to toddlers transitioning from their safe and comfy cot to the independence of a ‘big’ bed.


There a lots of designs of convertible cots. Many cots feature removable sides for when your child gains in independence and can climb in and out by themselves and some even convert into a toddler bed and finally into a double. And even cots that can turn into a bench. Matching furniture – including a wardrobe and dresser/changing table – is also available in many designs, meaning you can give your entire nursery a makeover to match. While certain designs may seem on the expensive side, if they last more than a couple of years try to view it as an investment.


Purchasing a cot that grows with your child is a practical way to getting extra value for your investment. It does feel like a product that will stay with you in the nursery for years!


This fantastic cot, which you see on the picture, has got all you need for the baby maintenance. You get a beautiful baby cot with a chest of drawers, a changing table, all in one, and some more storage on the bottom and on the side. This 3-in-1 cot can be converted into a single bed, a bed side table and a separate chest of drawers. All in a modern design in a combined almond and white finish.

It may be slightly more expensive than other cots, but this solid oak piece will serve your baby from birth until teenager. The bonus is that when the cot does become a single bed, it doesn’t look like it was obviously once a cot.


Baby by Designis a furniture manufacturer of custom design babies and kiddies furniture. We also sell exclusive baby linen and all the accessories that you may need to make your dream nursery come true. Whether you prefer more traditional décor or funky and trendy themed designs, Baby by Design can custom make your vision into a reality.

Dedicated to creating an environment for your baby that is as special as he or she is, Baby by Design offers moms the freedom to create themed nurseries and have every aspect of it integrated into a perfect décor design. Baby by Design prides itself in not only manufacture furniture, but creating an experience with a lasting impression.


The 3-in-1 cot that can turn from a cot into a single bed has the following dimensions:1980L x 1000D x 1000H and costsR11,500.


Because of all the options for cots and toddler beds we have multiple Carpenter who can make your custom made convertible bed. Whether you like a cot that turns into a toddler bed or a cot that also can be converted into a single or double bed, you can send us the picture and description of your perfect convertible cot and we will connect you with the best carpenter.