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Custom Made - Blue Velvet Sofa

Did you know that the word "Sofa” comes from an Arabic word "suffah” which means bench! Can you tell the difference between a sofa and a couch? Well, a couch is more bed-like and has only the head raised and a sofa has both ends raised, as well as a full back.

Enough with the history lesson, this blue velvet sofa is made by our maker Tich and can be custom made just for you at any dimensions you want. This one we have on the picture is a 2 seater and is priced at R8,900 and the 3 seater at R9,900.

This bluesofa is made up of velvet, giving it that smooth touchy feel to it and the wooden legs make it stand out. The wide legs are a perfect support structure but also make it to stand out due to the variety of colors used. Remember that it is custom made and you can choose anysize, fabric and the structureto be used.

With winter almost approaching, make your living room a cosy andbold one with thisblue velvet sofa. We guarantee you comfort, quality and with this blue velvet sofa, your living room will be the favorite place to hang out.