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Custom Made Thandekile server

What’s in a name? Call it a sideboard, buffet, server, credenza, cabinet or even console. They are more or less the same for a relatively long, low storage piece of furniture usually found in the dining room. The fact is all sorts of names for this type of piece are used nearly interchangeably.


The overall height of the tops of most sideboards or servers is approximately waist level. The words sideboard and buffet are somewhat interchangeable, but if the item has short legs, or a base that sits directly on the floor with no legs, it is more likely to be called a sideboard; if it has longer legs it is more likely to be called a buffet or a server. Let’s leave it at that.


But there is no discussion about this server made by TheUrbanative. This is just stunning!

The Thandekile server is solid Kiaat timber detail piece with abstracted Ndebele patterns punched out circles onto a white satin finish engineered timber panels. The Thandekile has fun clean cutouts which are functional and look great.

The silhouette of this piece is reminiscent of typical midcentury furniture with an afrocentric twist. This server can be made in bamboo timber or a stone top of your choosing.


Inspired by cultural ethnic patterns and motifs, TheUrbanative constantly explores how graphic cultural signifiers can be applied and reinterpreted to inspire new and modern product designs that are relatable and relevant to the urban modern citizen. They see our pieces as a celebration of culture by reinterpreting graphic cultural signs to communicate across generations as well as across

Acknowledging the individuality of our clients, we offer customisable furniture pieces that are truly defined by the owner and their needs whist remaining true to the aesthetic of TheUrbanative brand.

The Thandekile server is custom made and the dimensions are:  1800 x 500 x 750 mm. You can buy it for R25,500.


Because of all the options for servers, buffets or sideboards we have multiple Carpenter who can make your ready to order server. Whether you want one with doors or drawers or one with short or long legs, you can send us the picture and description of your perfect server and we will connect you with the best carpenter.