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Custom Made TV Cabinet

A TV cabinet is an useful piece of furniture with shelves, drawers, etc., for holding or displaying items. It’s a piece of furniture containing a radio or television set, usually standing on the floor and often having a record player or a place for CDs and DVDs.


Some TV cabinets stand alone while others are built into a wall or are attached to it. A built-in cabinet is usually custom made for a particular situation and it is fixed into position, on a floor, against a wall, or framed in an opening. Just what fits best in your interior. Free-standing cabinets are more commonly available as ready made items and can be moved from place to place if required. Cabinet doors may be hinged or sliding.


For a TV cabinet it’s ideal to have a combination of shelves and drawers or doors. A CD or DVD player is often placed on the shelves, so it’s easy to use. But probably you don’t want your 100 piece CD or DVD collection insight, as well as wires and headphones. It’s nice to put all these kinds of things behind doors.


KVH Furnituremade the TV cabinet you see on the picture. KVH Furniture and Designs is a specialist company focused on the design and manufacturing of exclusive, made-to-order furniture.
Their furniture is made to order, they do not keep stock and each and every piece of furniture is made up to your exact specifications within a minimal amount of time. They are proudly known within the industry as designing and manufacturing the highest quality furniture within the shortest space of time.
They have over 20 years’ experience in designing and m
... anufacturing the highest quality furniture and they are able to custom build just about anything you require.

The laminate TV cabinet is available in different options of laminate and the dimensions are:  1800 x 550 x 450. You can buy it for R3,999.


Because of all the options for TV cabinets or TV units we have multiple Carpenter who can make your ready to order TV cabinet. Whether you want one with only doors or drawers or a combination with shelves, you can send us the picture and description of your perfect TV cabinet and we will connect you with the best carpenter.