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Custom Made Upholstered Corner Sofa

There is nothing like coming home from a long workday and sink right into a comfy corner sofa with a drink in one hand and the remote in the other. Corner sofas of L shaped sofas are becoming more popular than ever due their ability to stylishly make the most of the space available.


There are so many kinds of corner sofas to choose from; styles and sizes. But depending on the size of your room, you need to take into consideration what would work best for your home. You also have to ask yourself if you want something practical or luxurious and how many people will be using the sofa. Corner sofas are especially good for larger living spaces – they can easily fit into a corner and free up space – or can create a divide in an open plan living area.


Buying a corner sofa is a big investment, so always be sure to measure and be prepared. There are many things to think about before you purchase your new furniture, so consider the following:


Measure, measure, and measure again

First of all you have to measure the space where your new sofa will be placed, as well as any doors where the furniture will be carried through. Make sure to double check any measurements taken; even the tiniest amount can make a huge difference to how your furniture will look.


Fabric or Leather

When it comes to choosing what sofa material to choose always take into consideration your lifestyle. If you have any pets or children around the house who are prone to the odd accident, leather can easily be cleaned with a damp cloth; any spillages can be taken care of right away. Whereas, fabric is more suited to non-scratching or biting pets and can withstand gentle vacuuming to remove any mess.


Match your sofa to your interiors

Your new corner sofa will be the eyecatcher of your living space, so it’s best to either buy a piece of furniture that fits around the décor of the room or add a few accessories that fits  into your colour scheme. For a piece that will fit any interior design, opt for neutral colours like beige, white and cream with bold scatter cushions to create a cosy feel. Whereas for a modern décor and to create a eyecatcher, opt for darker colours like black, grey and brown.


Mobiliario made the corner sofa you see on the picture. Mobiliario manufactures high quality, soft seating, modern, designer furniture for the contract, office and interior design market.
Their highly skilled craftsmen are specialists in fabricating and upholstering extremely complex furniture and enhances the range that the Mobiliario Group offers.

The Tetraz corner sofa costs R 7,900. Price excludes material/fabric. Fabric will be cost as per customer' specification. Price excl VAT.

Because of all the options you have for corner sofas we have multiple Carpenter who can make your custom made corner sofa. Whether you like an upholstered corner sofa or a leather corner sofa, you can send us the picture and description of your perfect headboard and we will connect you with the best carpenter.