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Custom Made Wooden Porch Swing

Is a swing completely your thing? Then what about a Porch Swing! The smooth, gentle glide of a porch swing will keep you daydreaming for hours.


Adding a porch swing to your home adds charm, comfort, and style. Porch swings come in a variety of different styles, from wood porch swings to wicker porch swings, so you should be able to find one that will match your home decor as well as give you a comfortable place to sit and relax.


Before purchasing a porch swing, you will need to have the knowledge of every type or model, so you make the choice that is right for you. Things to consider are what your setting needs and can handle. Think about the size of your porch or patio, the style you are going for, color patterns and the look of your home, what you want out of your swing and the material of your swing is made of.


When placing a porch swing outdoors there are many options. You could set it up on your porch, hang it from a tree or even prop it up in the middle of your garden with the proper stand. Each location comes with positives and negatives. Placing your swing on a porch with roofing can greatly reduce the damage to it caused by mother nature and therefore saves you time on maintenance. However, hanging your outdoor porch swing from a tree or placing it in your garden can make your home visually gorgeous. It’s also great to sit under a tree or in a garden and just let all your worries drift away.


Choose from different finish options; like painted (white or black) or order it unfinished which is a hand sanded finish which allows it to be easily painted or stained. Also chains can be replaced by rope if you want to give your porch swing a more natural and basic look


This 2 seater wooden Porch Swing is custom made, complete with hanging chains and shackles it will cost R2,750. 


Because of all the options for Porch Swings we have multiple Carpenter who can make your custom made Porch Swing. Whether you like a 2 seater of a 3 seater or if your prefer a bed, you can send us the picture and description of your perfect Porch Swing and we will connect you with the best carpenter.