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Furniture Trend: Green is the new black in 2017

Furniture Trend: Green is the new black in 2017 

Every day of the week, we see the prettiest interiors and furniture pieces passing through the Furniturespot headquarters. And lately, more and more of those pieces seem to be green. But how do you combine all the different shades of green out there with your existing interior? Preferably without breaking the bank? Find our 5 best tips in this newest blogpost. 

#1 – Painting ideas for the adventurous ($)

A bucket of paint is one of the most powerful tools in your DIY decorating arsenal, and it's also one of the most affordable. For under R1000, you can craft a green statement that's bold, unexpected, and totally makes a room. Try and use paint in innovative ways to delineate space, like the Moscow apartment seen in the photo below.

Furniture trend paint your wall green

Source: Apartment Therapy

#2 – Urban Jungle ($)

If you want your interior or office space to remind you of the beautiful nature South Africa has to offer, try and work through the use of green and plants. Lots of plants in your living space should boost your immune system and productivity and make you feel happier in general. The use of green on green on green as shown in the apartment below, we can only approve!

Furniture trend 2017 urban jungle green 

Source: Urban Jungle

#3 – Go All In ($$$)

 When you go all in, colours have the ability to change the atmosphere in a room. The apartment in the photo below looks super stylish by painting furniture, woodwork and walls in the same colour dark green. Have fun!

Furniture trend 2017 green

Source: Bloglovin’

#4 – The green velvet couch ($$)

It's not uncommon for a trend that has become popular on the runway and fashion magazines to become fashionable in the home and on the glossy pages of the shelter magazines. Velvet elevates the ordinary. It adds texture, depth, richness and colour to any space. These soft fabrics are best left to those homes or rooms without children or pets. They show their wear and are much harder to clean and keep clean than other fabrics. But boy, pretty it is…

Furniture trend 2017 green couch

Source: Jessica Gordon Ryan

 #5 – Stairway to heaven ($)
When you want to get creative, paint your staircase in a matte green that disrupts the harmony of the room. Don’t hesitate to go big, bold & bright, it will make one of the most boring rooms in your house, a lot more fun!

Furniture trend 2017 green stairway

Source: Over the Ocean



Whilst studying Engineering, Lizet learned that she could craft anything from scratch. Well, almost anything. Experimenting with paint in bright colours, new floors or building full breakfast bars gets her going. As one of the Founders of, Lizet is super excited to share her love of local craftsmanship and furniture with her new hometown Johannesburg.