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How To Choose The Perfect Ottoman

How To Choose The Perfect Ottoman

With an endless array of material, colour, and feature combinations ottomans are a must have item for your home. With their versatility, you can pick up an ottoman  and use it as coffee table that can double as a footrest and a place to put your drinks in your living room. Or you can find a storage ottoman to make it simple to keep what you need close by. But before you can buy any, here are some few tips in choosing the right ottoman for your home.

An ottoman featuring colours and textures that contrast those of your living room furniture adds personality to your room and becomes a great accent piece.Look for an ottoman that picks up on the colours from the rest of your furniture yet has a distinctive appearance that lends style to your room. Of course, for a more traditional look, find a colour and texture that matches your sofa or loveseat. With our variety of leather, fabric and velvet ottoman you are spoiled with  a wide variety of vibrant colours to choose from.


There are two ways to coordinate an ottoman with your living room based on its size. You could choose an ottoman that matches the scale of the rest of your furniture and your space so everything works in harmony. But if you want to create a dramatic accent for your living room, draw focus to the ottoman and use the ottoman to define your space, then choosing an over sized leather ottoman may be a good way to do it. But keep comfortability in mind when is used as extra seating.  

Ottoman Features

Want an ottoman for more than putting your feet up? If you want, you can find ottomans with a variety of different features. For people who want to be organized a storage ottoman is a good choice. A storage ottoman is helpful because it makes it easy to access magazines or TV remotes that you want close by in your living room.  While a rectangular ottoman  can be used as a table that adds a bit of glam to a living room. But if you want a glomourous  design, then nail head trim is a nice touch to add. The nail heads can come in different colours and they add a metallic texture to an otherwise upholstered piece of furniture, which gives it a unique look.