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How To Choose The Perfect Sized Dining Table

What size dining table do I need?

Thinking of buying a dining table? But you are not sure of the design which will suit your home and budget? We’ll let us help you.

Dining tables are normally in standard height of 76cm.  But it is always important to note the height and size of the dining chairs that will go well with your ideal dining table. Dining chairs seat height is normally 46cm high. It is also crucial to note the width of your chairs as they can determine the number of people that can sit around your table. It is important as such to always try out the dining table and dining chairs together before you buy them. 

Comfortable eating dimensions for individuals eating and with that in mind, we have the minimum and ideal sizes. 

How Much Room Does Everyone need around the table?

A dining table typically has two types of area – a place setting area for each person and a shared area where the serving dishes (salt, pepper and candles).

Table 1
The minimum width required for a place setting is dictated by the average shoulder width of a person – 24 inches (61cm) and the minimum depth required for a place setting is dictated by the size of a plate with cutlery and a glass.  The minimum shared area (which would be doubled in a table scenario with two place settings op-posite each other) is derived from the dimensions of a serving platter.  If there’s no need to have a serving platter on the table then there’s no need for a shared area.  

Table 6 
The ideal dining area dimensions are derived slightly differently. The minimum width is derived both from a more formal table setting with extra cutlery, plates and glass-es and there will be less elbow fights. The ideal shared area means there's plenty of room for serving dishes, candles and center pieces which give the dining experience a more spacious and luxurious feeling, while still being within reaching distance for the diners and making it possible to hear conversation from the opposite side of the table. 

What does this mean for table size?

This means that the minimum dimensions for a rectangular dining table for 6 would be 203 x 102cm and puts the ideal dimensions for a rectangular dining table for 6 at 244 x 137cm.  
Table 8
Table sizes Minimums and Ideal

When you’re thinking about what size of dining table you need it’s often the case that you’ll want to be flexible about how many people you seat.

  • For the 10 person 'minimum size' and 'ideal size' arrangement there would be 1 person occupying each end of the table.
  • For the 12 person 'minimum size' and 'ideal size' arrangement there would be 2 people occupying each end of the table.
Rectangular dining table

You can use the rectangular dining table dimensions for the width and length of an oval dining table.
Table 3



No Shared area

61 x 76cm

Minimum Size
(with shared area)

61 x 91cm

Ideal Size
(with shared area)



122 x 76cm

122 x 91cm

152 x 137cm


183 x 76cm

198 x 91cm

244 x 137cm


244 x 76cm

259 x 91cm

320 x 137cm


305 x 76cm

320 x 91cm

350 x 137cm

Square dining table



Minimum Size


Ideal Size








Table 4