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How To Choose The Right Dining Table

Every meal tells a story and this stories should be portrait in a luxurious way. That is why we give to you our vast range of dining tables.

We can all agree that dinner parties are not all about the meal and that our eyes are the first thing that has to be impressed regarding the venue, even before one gets to see the meal. The presentation says it all. That is why we present to you our range of unique and cost savvy dining tables.

This range of dining table is so unique and can be in concrete tops to pure wood top. You can pair your table top with either steel or pure wood to allow your table to speak volumes. We bet by the time your guest get to taste your food, they would all have been impressed already due to your table.

The dining table legs can be made in steel or in wood as well. Whether you want normal straight leg tables, U-shaped legs , X-shaped legs, trapezium legs, hairpin legs or normal table legs. When you opt in for steel legs, you can choose frommild steel rustic/painted/powder coated. While our table top can be made in French oak or Saligna. With just about 35mm to 50mm table top of wood, your table is guaranteed to last you are life time.

Our wood finishes are available in this options:

  • Available Oak finishes: Natural oak / White wash oak / Smoke grey oak / Storm grey oak / Silver wash oak

  • Available Saligna finishes: Mahogany / Cherry / Natural / Imbuia

Are you loving this dining table we have? It is a 4-6 seater with a matching bench and the table top is 35mm Oak and finished with a natural oak finishing. Then paired with stunning X-legs which are powder coated in black. It is priced at R11,500 and you can include a matching bench or dining chairs with similar wood tone to your dining table.

Remember to consider your family size when choosing your dining table. Because we custom make every furniture in our platform, you can have any table size you want without breaking the bank. Also, consider thedining chairs that will be comfortable and stylish as well to go with your dining tabl