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How To Choose The Right Floating TV Unit

This is one furniture piece that gets the most attention in your living room or in your entertainment room compared to the sofas of bar stools of cos. But how do you ensure that you have the right one? 

Firstly, your wood tone has to match all your other living room furniture. Having the right wood tone will not only show consistency but will portray style and prove that you put a lot of thought in your décor. We have different wood tones available for our floating TV units namely the Sahara, Aged stone and the Plum tree. 

We can make most of the TV units that you have seen on social media platforms and we have noticed that our custom designs have been a favourite among st our customers and we are so grateful. Our Vela and Gemini floating units are stylish and  come in two sizes. 

Equally important will be the unit size, our Gemini and Vela units come in two different sizes. The medium unit which is compatible for TV’s less than 55 inch and in this dimensions: 1800 x 1600  and our Large unit which is suitable for TV’s greater than 55 inch and are  in this dimensions: 2200 x 1800.  We also have our smallest unit ever which we call Lyra TV unit, it can be mounted in your bedroom or in your bar or even in that small flat wall. It can be made to match your living room unit and best part is that it can fit TV’s less than 49 inch.

Moreover, the finishing of your TV unit is also in your hands, whether your the high gloss type or the matt finish type, we can have it to your specifications. That’s the beauty of custom made products. But what is a beautiful TV unit without a comfortable sofa/couch? Make your living room modern and comfortable at the same time with our variety of  sofa and also add beautiful nesting tables that can match your  floating TV unit