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Plum Tree Floating TV Unit - Custom Made

We all know that living spaces are growing smaller and the bulky giant wall systems eat up a lot of floor spaces and they make living rooms the least favorite place to hang around in as they limit movement. They also make a small room look crowded and make the viewing experience a bit uncomfortable. And not to mention that they are old fashioned.

The change in the model of TV’s required classy stands to go with their new slimmer TV designs and hence the introductory of Floating TV unit stand. This units are stylish, edgy, slim and custom made to give any room the right style and sophistication. We understand that with the revolution of television sets, TV stands also had to evolve.

The floating TV unit can be custom made to fit any model of television drawing the eye of all who enter the living room or office space to it, even if the television set is a fairly small one. This floating unit  stand out due to their vibrant and eye catching designs(like this Vela Plum tree one).Because they are mounted on the wall, they great enough space for movement without worrying about messy cable wires on the floor.

Remember that floating TV units come in various styles, shapes and sizes. The choice varies greatly between a thin shelf with less storage capacity but airier look and a bulkier TV unit with multiple cabinets and shelves to accommodate a lot of things live DVD’s, books, decor objects without taking up much spaces at all.

This Vela Plum tree unit is available at  Furniturespot   and you can find a variety of floating TV units  in a our website. The best part is that they can can be custom made to fit your TV and sound system within any room.