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Ready Made Curtains Purchasing Guide

Ready made curtains come with its own vocabulary. In this blog we help you picking the right curtains. 

  1. Measuring guide
  2. Taped VS Eyelet
  3. Sheer VS Blockout
  4. Lined VS Unlined

Measuring guide 
Use our measuring guide to help you purchasing the correct ready made curtains.  

Our width  
All our ready made curtains have 230cm width (eyelet) or 265cm (taped). There is no set calculation when it comes to curtain width, however, we recommend that the hanging curtain is gathered to half of its width. For example, our eyelet curtain width is 230cm, once gathered and hung, it should measure 115cm. This means, 2 x 230cm curtains would be sufficient for a 230cm wide curtain track. If you prefer less fullness in the curtain, you can of course stretch this to cover extra width. 

Our length (drop) 
Our ready-made curtains all come in two drops: standard (218cm) and extra length (250cm). An extra length curtain will give you approximately 30cm additional length to work with. It is important to decide where you want your curtains to end. We recommend 2cm above the floor. 

How to measure your window?  
Firstly, using a steel tape measure, measure the width of the inside recess of the window. Write the measurement down.  
Secondly, add 15cm to each side. i.e. 30cm in total. This is to ensure that the curtain will fully open when the track is in position. Write this measurement down. The width of the curtains that you choose should be approximately two times the width of the pole to ensure that there is a full look. 


Measurement Required curtains 
Pole/track between 1,0 m and 1,5 m 1 curtain (2 to have one curtain on each side)
Pole/track between 1,5 m and 2,75 m  2 curtains 
Pole/track between 2,75 m and 3,5 m  3 curtains 
Pole/track between 3,5 m and 5,0 m  4 curtains 


Taped VS Eyelets 
Eyelet curtains are slightly easier to install, no curtains hooks or prongs needed, and the end result tends to be a cleaner, more modern look. Taped curtains are slightly more difficult to install but give a more fuller look than eyelet curtains. That is the reason why our taped curtains have a standard width of 265cm as opposed to the eyelet curtains of 230cm. Finding the right curtain type for you is about your personal style or circumstances. 

Sheer VS Blockout 
Are you looking for curtains to create some privacy then sheer curtains would be the perfect pick. Would you like ot have curtains in your room to keep the room darker for longer, allowing for a rested and peaceful night's sleep? Then our blockout curtains are the right pick. Our locally made blockout and sheer curtains come in several trendy colours and are made of 100% polyester.  

Lined VS Unlined 
Our sheer curtains are unlined to enhance a room's ambience through the softening of incoming light, the framing of your windows, and the creating of an impression that your rooms have more height. All our blockout curtains are lined to protect the actual curtain against harsh UV rays that can cause fading. This also offers extra light reduction.

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