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The coolest furniture trend at the moment: The Trolley

The Trolley Trend

It can hardly be missed by you, our furniture friends: The Trolley Trend.
These fun and moving side tables are taking over South African houses at a fast pace!

Starting at a few hundred rand, it is quite affordable to pimp your living-, bath or bedroom with a trolley or a cart. They come in industrial or very modern styles and we make them in every size and colour you like.

We fell in love with these wooden outdoor trolleys, giving your braai area just that personal touch. Ok, let's be honest here: we are trying to ignore the fact that fall is coming. And what better way to do that than to host braais all weekend long?
Outdoor trolley furniture

But when we move indoors for those cold Jozi winter months, there is no reason to let go of the trolley idea.
These wooden and metal trolleys are the perfect place to store some blankets and to display colourful flowers at the same time.
Outdoor trolley furniture

We can make up tons of uses for these cool cabinets, but let's be honest here: when we think cart, we think bar cart! The great thing about these bar carts is: They have wheels! You can push them to wherever you are hanging out and prepare some well-deserved Sunday afternoon drinks, without even getting out of your lazy chair. Best piece of furniture EVER.
Outdoor trolley furniture
Last but not least, these trolleys can also be a significant upgrade of your kitchen. Whenever you want to add some storage space, or you are in desperate need of a bigger counter top, these movable kitchen isles are perfect! They come in all types of wood and can be made to fit your kitchen exactly. They do typically result in one problem however: As the pots and pans are mostly visible, you might find yourself in need of a bright red pottery set as well...
Outdoor trolley furniture

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