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Wooden Dining Table -Custom Made

Dining place are the hearts of every home and every meal should be portrait in style. That is why at Furniturespot we have absolutely amazing dining tables suitable for every home. Made from all variety of material being it wood, concrete or steel.

This fabulous table can be as glamorous as you would like them to be, make them stand out from the rest by just choosing the right legs. We all know that not every dining table is the same and we know you love your furniture to be unique. From U-shaped legs and Trapezium shaped legs, you have the absolute choice.
This industrial design dining table seems like it flirts with nature, don’t you think so? It is made up of rich wood texture and white steel are fused together to create this unique design. And finished with Saligna for that modern and durable look. Making this wooden dining table irresistible. With 1550×900×150 MMs dimensions. At affordable prices as little as R7 450 – R16 800. You too can dine like a King.

The pleasure of having the perfect dining table is that your quests will stay comfortable and all fit around your table. Also, our dining tables are compatible with all dining chairs and you can have any chair to meet your décor style and comfort.

Not sure of how many dining chairs you need for your dining table? Do not worry, we have you covered from our exclusive range of dining chair. Do not worry, you are allowed to have as many as you want.

Our makers are highly detailed oriented and that assures our customers of the quality of dining tables the will receive. Our makers can make your dining table from all types of wood. Finishing! Yes, your in charge of that, bare or stained finishing,  Oak or Saligna, that’s totally up to you. Get in touch with us and we will Custom Make any dining table suitable for you.