Our story

We got the idea when we were redecorating our home but couldn’t find what we were looking for. The furniture was either imported, too expensive, too big, too small or just not the right colour. To create exactly the pieces we had in mind, we went custom made. But we couldn’t find the right furniture Makers fit for the job. This is how we got the idea to start Furniturespot.co.za. 

We’ve spent months and drove hundreds of kilometres to find the best furniture Makers Johannesburg and Pretoria have to offer for our platform. Only the best craftsmen are given access to the platform. Why compromise, and buy expensive imported furniture from a big company, when you can have your furniture custom-made by local Makers at a fair price? Because local is lekker!

How we do business

One-of-a-Kind Furniture at a Fair Price
We know you love furniture. We know you love one-of-a-kind furniture even more. Having a piece custom made is much more affordable than what people would think. Our carpenters are much more affordable than your mainstream furniture shops, because we have cut out the middlemen. And when it is custom made, the pieces meet our customers’ exact specifications. Why buy something not quite right when you can have it custom made?”

Buy Local 
We love local. Local is lekker. Local manufacturing is great for the environment and the South African economy. Therefore all our Makers work with products locally sourced. Ultimately we want to bring more jobs to Makers, and enable shoppers to order their one-of-a-kind furniture with incredible ease.

Online Market Access for Local Furniture Makers
Too many talented furniture designers and Makers remain undiscovered in Johannesburg and Pretoria. They are difficult to find due to the absence of a website or a social media strategy. For you we find them and screen all our Makers on quality and trustworthiness. Through Furniturespot, these Makers get access to an online platform and hence to a much wider audience as through their offline shops.

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